Fini's story is a story of encouragement and effort: from the handcrafted gum of the 1970's to the 1,200 units per minute wrapping machines. Manuel Sánchez Cano, Founder and Chairman of the company continues to expand the company through his sons and his team.

From the 1,000m2 of the first facilities to the 125,000m2 of the current facilities. Over the years Fini has kept up constant research and development to deliver the best products in the market, with the goal of spreading both nationally and internationally, with trade branches in Spain, Portugal, UK, France, USA, Chile, and customers all over the world. In 2002 Fini started a new path of success in Brazil with a second factory.


Millions of produced units shape the company's history and are the a guarantee of the highest standards. The secret? HARD WORK and QUALITY.

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