Corporate policy

Constant evolution in improving product quality
and safety
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In a continuous effort to improve, in 2006 Fini Sweets achieved the BRC, IFS and ISO 22000:2005 certifications. Since then, these standards have been kept at the highest levels, such as BRC Grade A and IFS Higher Level.
Care about consumers
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Fini Sweets has drastically reduced the number of allergens in their products, making them now suitable for consumers who could not eat candy before. Many products nave no gluten or lactose. Also, there is no presence of saturated fats or GMOs. Ingredients are carefully selected and purchased from certified suppliers.
Support and commitment to the national economy
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Fini Sweets has a policy of working with domestic suppliers, which contributes to the improvement of the domestic economy.
Employment policy
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Fini Sweets's work policy is aimed at generating employment stability, which directly improves the economy of their area of influence.
Environmental policy
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Fini Sweets is concerned about the environmental impact, thus fully committed to waste reduction, optimization of packaging materials and separation at source, whilst optimizing resources with an Energy and Water Saving Plan.
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Innovation is a constant goal in Fini Sweets, with the continuous introduction of new products in the market, as the result of the cooperative effort and synergies between the company and public research institutions.
Research and development
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Fini Sweets both individually and with institutional collaboration (CDTI) is immersed in various R+D projects, which grant sustainable competitive advantages and provide differential values in products and processes.

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